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Minotaur VR is a 3D First Person Shooter escape game, featuring support of the Oculus VR headset. Make your way through the Minotaur's labyrinth as he stalks you. Collect the bones of fallen victims by walking over them, and left-click to hurl them as projectiles for your defense. Hearing his breathing grow louder as he draws closer, you must find the key and escape!


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Pretty fun stuff!


Thank you! 

Minotaur VR  Got GREEN LIT on Steam a month ago, (just in time), so now it will be bigger, scarier & better.  

Stay Tuned!!

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Hello, I completed this game, it is simple but fun. I think he should be a bit faster to add some drama. 5/5. If I see this on gamejolt I will be happy to rate it there too. Gameplay link is attached.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


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Thank you, kind sir! Loved your critique. You brought up a few good points. Yes, femurs are your only collectible projectile (and you can collect more than one). I do need to mention that in the story, or just get rid of the other un-usable bones. Next version I will speed the minotaur up and post to gamejolt. Thank you for checking it my game out. Hope you can experience the Rift version soon..